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QupleTech is data-driven automated advertising platform for mobile gaming. We've aggregated most important traffic sources, including multiple ad networks, ad exchanges and Facebook under one roof, and built advanced machine learning-based optimization engine, that automatically selects best traffic from these sources and ensures above-market ARPU, LTV and LT, while decreasing CPC/CPI.

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What We Do

QupleTech’s main focus is helping mobile game advertisers in acquisition and retention of loyal and paying users for their mobile games on a performance basis. As a performance marketing company our foundation lies on 3 main layers: advertising channels, audience data and gamer behaviour prediction technology.

Traffic: We use a mix of media channels to deliver the campaigns with best performance: programmatic ad exchanges, social networks, ad networks, etc. However programmatic (RTB) is the dominant channel, allowing us to reach huge user base while keeping the targeting precise.
Audience Data: We leverage proprietary behavioural audience data to reach most relevant audience for mobile games of different kinds.
Prediction: Automatic optimisation is our core technology for effective media buying. It uses machine learning algorithms to target users which will convert into gamers with higher lifetime value and longer lifetime, while keeping costs low enough to allow ROI maximisation.
Most successful campaigns are usually result of our close collaboration with advertiser’s marketers to combine in-game behaviour patterns knowledge with high-performance media buying technology.

What We Are Not

We’re trying to keep focus on what we’re best at: acquiring engaged users with high LTV. So we’re not a full-fledged advertising or PR agency, not a publisher monetization platform and not an application analytics company.

Product Highlights

Single UI For Multiple Traffic Sources

You can acquire highly targeted traffic from social networks, RTB traffic from ad exchanges, ensure wide reach through ad networks and stay in a singe tool.

Reliable Installs

We’ve built the network of high-performance traffic sources, and created prediction technology that optimizes it towards game installations.

Automatic Optimization

Just after you start your campaign, our machine learning based predict technology starts finding audience subsets that converts into paying players. As a result your CPI/CPA goes down, whilst ARPU, LTV and LT goes up.

Inventory Geography

Our main regions are North America and EMEA (especially nordic countries). However we also work in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Players Segments

We permanently build our players database and segment your audience into actionable segments like “Paying Midcore Player”, “Tower Defence Player”, “Match 3 Player”, etc. Then you can target the ad on these segments and breakdown KPIs by them.

Fraud Protection

We combine 3rd party and in-house fraud protection mechanisms based on advanced statistical algorithms to calculate and exclude fraudulent traffic sources automatically just in the course of campaign.

Burst Campaigns

We use multiple partner sources of incentive traffic to ensure quick and cheap promotion of your game to target app marketplace’s Top/Featured category and stimulate organic growth.

Simple Campaign Management

In standard mode you just need to make several clicks to start your campaign. At the same time you can use advanced mode to get the access to tens of targeting options for sophisticated tasks.

Media Planning

Our statistics based forecaster will precisely calculate recommended budget/time your game need to achieve target installs, average ARPU, LTV, LV as well as getting to target top-lists.


Use advanced analytics to understand how your audience is segmented and which segments really adopt your product. You can break down your result KPIs by different dimensions like device type, city, gender, behavioural segment, income, etc.

Ad Formats

We support most popular ad formats: Interstitials, Rich Media and classic Image Banners.

Install Tracking

We support installation and in-game events tracking by 3rd party vendors.

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