About Us
QupleTech is data-driven automated advertising platform for mobile gaming. We've aggregated most important traffic sources, including multiple ad networks, ad exchanges and Facebook under one roof, and built advanced machine learning-based optimization engine, that automatically selects best traffic from these sources and ensures above-market ARPU, LTV and LT, while decreasing CPC/CPI.

Chief Marketing Officer

Who we are

We are Quple, cross-screen programmatic advertising service based on artificial intelligence.

Quple enables marketers worldwide to run high-performance advertising campaigns with video commercials shown in mobile apps, video streams and Smart TV.

What we do is kind of paradigm shift in digital promotion. We erase the boundaries between branding and performance advertising and come up with the product which ensures super precise hit into target audience without sacrificing audience reach. This is what marketers need in the era when mass market becomes super segmented.

We show our ads in 500k mobile apps, reach 2B users monthly, segment audience by 40+ criteria, process 100Tb data monthly.

Our integrated advertising service consists of four key products: DSP system, DMP system, real-time anti-fraud system and conversion prediction engine.


Who we are looking for

We are looking for smart CMO with experience of B2B products promotion at western market. Ideally, the guy with personal networking in US-UK media and advertising space, it will help.


What you will do

As CMO you will be the owner of all marketing activities in organization. Full power and full responsibility. Your main task would be to design and execute marketing strategy and tactics that will strength up our positions and extend our presence on western market.


What skills you should bring

We’re looking for T-shaped marketer with deep expertise in B2B services strategic marketing and broad knowledge-set in modern digital, programmatic, performance marketing.


  • Market research and analysis skills
  • B2B promotion experience
  • SaaS product marketing experience
  • Brand, communication, marketing strategy skills
  • Classical/custom marketing framework building
  • Experience with key promotion media like Product Hunt, TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat, etc.
  • Managing marketing, sales, PR teams
  • Fluent English

Nice to have:

  • Experience in programmatic advertising and RTB ecosystem
  • Data-driven marketing concepts understanding
  • Product management experience
  • Customer retention program design and implementation experience
  • Digital advertising campaigns management experience


What you will get

  • Full degree of freedom in decision making
  • Above-market salary
  • Company stock options


Send your CV to jobs@qupletech.com.