About Us
QupleTech is data-driven automated advertising platform for mobile gaming. We've aggregated most important traffic sources, including multiple ad networks, ad exchanges and Facebook under one roof, and built advanced machine learning-based optimization engine, that automatically selects best traffic from these sources and ensures above-market ARPU, LTV and LT, while decreasing CPC/CPI.

Data Scientist

Company & Product

Our main product is Quple, machine-learning-based advertising platform for gaming niche.

The product allows game marketers to most relevant users with proven payability.

To ensure it, Quple uses advanced machine learning technology that predicts user reaction on specific ads, based on analysis of his previous consumption behaviour.

We deal with really complex engineering problems like processing of truly big unstructured data, ensuring tolerance to super high load, solving untypical AI tasks, creating sophisticated data mining and text processing algorithms, elaborating high-scalable architectures.

We solve the tech tasks that were never solved before and we scout smart guys who looking for challenge and know how to deal with challenge.


We are looking for experienced Data Scientist to join our team and work on our core machine learning technologies.
The ideal candidate should meet requirements as below:

Must have:

  • Deep experience at sophisticated data mining, machine learning and modeling solutions
  • Supervised linear and non-linear classification and regression ML tools
  • Unsupervised (clustering, dimensionality reduction) ML tools
  • Object features extraction and selection methods
  • Model validation methods
  • R programming
  • Matlab
  • MS or PhD in Math, Computer Science, Physics, Stats.
  • Good English

Nice to have:

  • Data visualization
  • Java/Python
  • Digital advertising market domain


Send your CV to jobs@madberry.net.