About Us
QupleTech is data-driven automated advertising platform for mobile gaming. We've aggregated most important traffic sources, including multiple ad networks, ad exchanges and Facebook under one roof, and built advanced machine learning-based optimization engine, that automatically selects best traffic from these sources and ensures above-market ARPU, LTV and LT, while decreasing CPC/CPI.

Java Engineer

Company & Product

We are working on next-gen data-driven programmatic advertising platform for mobile gaming. The product allows game marketers to acquire most valuable users for mobile game through display and video advertising.

We collect and analyse audience data to predict gamers behavior, and show personalized, high relevant ad.

From engineering standpoint, our product is SaaS service consisted of several technically sophisticated elements: high performance Real Time Bidder, very fast audience data storage, ETL engine for processing of complex data, Prediction System based on machine learning.

We deal with true high load and process tens of thousands of complex requests each second, so we build horizontally scalable clustered architecture to ensure reliable load tolerance.

Our data is really big, we store, process, transform, and search on tons of fuzzy structured data sets, so we apply a lot of complex data management approaches like NoSQL, in-memory storages, Hadoop, distributed storing, data sharding and replication.

We face with strong algorithmic challenges, specifically tree and graph processing, search algorithms, multi-dimension optimization tasks etc. 

The heart of our solution is Prediction System which is machine learning statistics engine designed for user consuming behavior forecasting.

So, we solve the tasks that were never solved before and we scout smart guys who looking for challenge and know how to deal with challenge.


Must have:

  • 3+ years of experience with Java
  • Strong software design skills, design patterns: GoF, network, enterprise
  • Experience with high-load, horizontally scalable solutions
  • Experience of working on big data, large datasets, No-SQL databases
  • Proven experience with building solutions from-scratch, not relied on Yet Another Big Framework tutorial
  • Advanced Unix using
  • Ability to work with fuzzy requirements
  • Fluent English

Nice to have:

  • Strong algorithmic background
  • Functional programming experience
  • Hadoop, Spark, Mahaut
  • Experience with C++ programming
  • Knowledge of modern online advertising tech background
  • Graph and tree algorithms
  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Experience with Amazon cloud hosting
  • Basics of Probability Theory and Math Statistics

Send your CV to jobs@madberry.net.